First regional championship of JJAU a big success 2015

The athletes from the regions EAST ASIA and SOUTH-EAST ASIA met in Bangkok for the first regional open championship of JJAU. The Ju-Jitsu Association of Thailand organized a great event for the 100 competitors.

“It was great to see all of you again at the first JJAU Regional Tournament in Bangkok.  Thanks to everyone for making it such a great and memorable experience.
Congratulations to all the participants and I hope to see all of you at the next event!”
The feedback of the participants reflects the atmosphere during the event.

Ju-Jitsu Asian Union and Ju-Jitsu Association of Thailand organized this event in the sports hall of the Royal Airforce. Dr. Jaffer al Muthafer, JJAU Dy. General Secretary, was responsible for the frame of the event while Joachim Thumfart, JJAU sports director, organized the tournament and the referee education. Both supported in all activities by the team of Thailand. The National team of Thailand did not only dominate by number of participants. The most medals had been won by the host federation. Japan convinced with a very effective team in which every athlete could achieve a medal with dominating the BJJ/ Ne-Waza Jiu-Jitsu.