Fighting System Rulebook



With a different approach, the Fighting System is articulated in three-minute combats between athletes from opposing teams.

The system is divided in 14 categories according to weight and sex (Male categories:

-56kg, -62 kg, -69kg, -77kg, -85kg, -94kg, +94kg; Female categories -45kg; -48kg; -52kg; -57kg; -63kg; -70kg; +70kg).

The actual combat is divided in three parts:

Part I sees the Jutsukas involved in distance combat and controlled attacks with arms and legs.

Once a grab has been made, the fight enters Part II and hits are no longer allowed. The Jutsukas try to bring one another down with various throwing techniques. Points are given according to how ‘clean’ and effective the actions are judged.

Once down on the tatamis (mats), the match enters its Part III. Here points are given for immobilization techniques, controlled strangulations or levers on body joints that bring the opponent to yield.

The winner is the Jutsuka who has accumulated the most points during the fight or the one who performed a “perfect technique” in all three parts, winning by Ippon. In this case, the fight will end before the time runs out. This type of competition requires timing, agility, strength and endurance.

Points and Penalties must be given by the majority of the referees.

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