“Safety, Respect, Integrity: Guarding Every Ju-Jitsu Journey” 

In November 2018, the Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) Congress approved the Safe Sport Environment Policy, which states the organization’s belief and commitment to work towards a “fun, healthy, inclusive and safe environment” for the sport of Ju-Jitsu.

The JJIF Safe Ju-jitsu Policy aims to follow through with the application and responsibilities stated in the JJIF Safe Sport Environment Policy.

About the JJIF Safeguarding Program:

The Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants within the sport of Ju-Jitsu. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding at all levels, the JJIF has established a comprehensive Safeguarding Program, which the Ju-Jitsu Asian Union (JJAU) is proud to adopt and promote within Asia. 

Our Mission: mission is to create a safe and positive environment for everyone involved in Ju-Jitsu. We are dedicated to preventing any form of harassment, abuse, or discrimination, ensuring that the values of respect, integrity, and excellence are upheld across all aspects of our sport.

Our Commitment: The JJIF Safeguarding Program is built on a foundation of strong policies, education, and awareness initiatives. We are committed to: Implementing robust safeguarding policies and procedures that align with global best practices. Providing education and training for athletes, coaches, officials, and administrators to recognize and respond to safeguarding concerns. Establishing clear reporting and response mechanisms to address any incidents of misconduct swiftly and effectively.

Our Community: Safeguarding is a collective responsibility. The JJAU, in alignment with the JJIF, encourages an active and engaged community where everyone feels empowered to contribute to a safe environment. We foster a culture of openness, where concerns can be raised without fear of retaliation, ensuring that Ju-Jitsu remains a respectful and inclusive sport.

Get Involved: We invite all members of the Ju-Jitsu community to join us in our commitment to safeguarding. Whether you are an athlete, coach, official, or supporter, your involvement is crucial in maintaining the highest standards of safety and respect within our sport. Together, we can ensure that Ju-Jitsu continues to thrive as a martial art that values the welfare and dignity of all its participants.

Consequences of not having an active safeguarding program!
Not having an active safeguarding program in a sports organization, such as the Ju-Jitsu Asian Union (JJAU), can have serious consequences that affect all levels of participation, from grassroots to elite athletes. Here are some of the key repercussions:Increased Risk of Abuse and Harassment: Without a safeguarding program, athletes, coaches, and other participants may be more vulnerable to various forms of abuse, including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as bullying and harassment.

Damage to Reputation: The absence of a safeguarding program can lead to incidents that tarnish the reputation of the organization. Public trust is crucial for the success and growth of any sports entity, and once lost, it can be challenging to regain.

Legal Ramifications: Organizations that fail to protect their members from abuse and harassment may face legal consequences, including lawsuits and penalties. This can have a significant financial impact and can divert resources away from the sport’s development. Loss of Funding and Sponsorships: Sponsors and funding bodies often require organizations to have effective safeguarding measures in place. Without these, the organization might lose crucial financial support.

Athlete Attrition: Athletes may leave the sport if they feel unsafe or unsupported, leading to a decline in participation and talent development. This attrition can have long-term effects on the performance and viability of the sport.

Mental Health Impacts: Exposure to abuse and neglect in sports settings can have lasting effects on individuals’ mental health, affecting their performance, well-being, and quality of life. Erosion of Trust: The lack of a safeguarding program can erode trust between athletes, coaches, officials, and administrators. Trust is a cornerstone of effective teamwork and performance in sports.

Impact on Youth Development: Young athletes are particularly vulnerable and need a safe environment to thrive. The absence of safeguarding measures can negatively impact their development, both as athletes and individuals.

Barriers to Sport Participation: Concerns about safety can deter people from participating in or supporting the sport, limiting its growth and accessibility. Ethical Failings: Not implementing a safeguarding program is a fundamental ethical failing, undermining the moral foundations of the sport and the organization.

What That Means to You? 
The JJAU Safeguarding Program isn’t just a set of guidelines—it’s a commitment to your safety, well-being, and right to enjoy Ju-Jitsu in a secure and respectful environment. Here’s what our safeguarding program means for different members of our community:

For Athletes: You deserve to train, compete, and grow in an environment free from abuse, harassment, and discrimination. Our program ensures that your rights are protected, your voice is heard, and your sporting experience is positive and empowering.

For Coaches: As a coach, you play a pivotal role in shaping the experiences of your athletes. Our safeguarding program provides you with the tools and knowledge to create a safe and nurturing environment, where you can focus on developing skills and character, not just in sport but in life.

For Parents and Guardians: The safety of your children is paramount. Our program gives you peace of mind, knowing that JJAU is committed to creating a safe and positive environment where young athletes can thrive, both personally and athletically.

For Officials and Administrators: You are crucial in upholding the standards of our sport. The safeguarding program offers guidelines and support to help you maintain a safe environment, ensuring that the integrity and values of Ju-Jitsu are upheld at all levels. 

For Fans and Supporters: Your enthusiasm and support make our sport vibrant and exciting. The safeguarding program ensures that the athletes you cheer for are respected and protected, allowing you to take pride in the community you’re a part of. 

For Everyone: Whether you’re stepping onto the mat, coaching from the sidelines, cheering in the stands, or working behind the scenes, the JJAU Safeguarding Program is about creating a culture of respect, safety, and integrity. It’s about making sure that Ju-Jitsu is a sport where everyone can belong, thrive, and achieve their best. 

Together, we’re building a safer, stronger, and more inclusive Ju-Jitsu community. Because when we safeguard the well-being of each member, we elevate the entire sport. 


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