5th Asian Ju-Jitsu Championship

The Ju-Jitsu competition will consist of eleven (14) events containing seven (7) categories for men, and seven (7) categories for women in three (3) disciplines, plus six (6) events in DUO discipline (three in classic and three in show).

Open to ALL ASIAN National Members.

Maximum two athletes/teams per category per nation 

Duo-Classic System: Women; Men; Mixed

Show-System: Women; Men; Mixed

JJIF Jiu-Jitsu (Ne Waza)

JJIF Fighting


Weight category as follows:

ADULT MALE:      -56 -62 -69 -77 -85 -94 +94 Kg

ADULT FEMALE: -45 -48 -52 -57 -63 -70 +70 Kg


JJAU and Event Responsibilities


Fahad Ali AL Shamsi, JJAU General Secretary fahad@jjau.org  

Joe THUMFART, JJAU Sports Director,


Phone no.: +971 50 484 2790

Alexandre Nascimento, JJAU Referee Director jiu-ref@jjif.org  

Phone no.: +971 55 2126 035

Local Organizer: UAE – Jiu-Jitsu Federation


Information under: www.sportdata.org/jujitsu  

Event: https://shorturl.gg/GEI8kwc  

IT / Registration:  support: sportdata@jjif.org


  • 2.1 To be eligible for participation in the 5th Asian Championship, a competitor must comply with the Ju-Jitsu Asian Union (JJAU).
  • 2.2 Only nationals of the country of the NF shall be qualified to represent the NF in the championship.
  • NFs that withdraw their athletes after the submission of the final entries by name Draw, will not be allowed to replace the athlete.
  • Date : 12 September 2021 - 16 September 2021
  • Venue : Abu Dhabi, UAE


Kazakhstan Jiu Jitsu Association

Ju Jitsu Federation Thailand