"All athletes competing in JJIF international tournaments must comply with the WADA rules regarding anti-doping and a clean sport.

International-level athletes are the athletes ranked 1-10 in the JJIF Ranking list and all athletes participating in a Continental or World Championship.

An Athlete who needs a TUE should apply as soon as possible. For substances prohibited In-Competition only, the Athlete should apply for a TUE at least 30 days before his/her next competition, unless it is an emergency or exceptional situation.

Where the athlete already has a TUE granted by his/her National Anti-Doping Organization for the substance or method in question, that TUE is not automatically valid for international-level competition. However, the athlete may apply JJIF to recognize that TUE, in accordance with Article 7 of the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions.

In accordance with the WADA rules and the JJIF regulations, the Athletes' Commission has elaborated an Athlete's Commitment document (see attachment), which includes the athlete's anti-doping commitment.


[JJIF TUE Application Process]       [JJIF TUE Form]

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TUE Committee will take the final decision regarding the specific cases of athletes suffering from illnesses/diseases and taking medication in order to treat their condition.

Dr. Paco Luis Gomez – director
Dr. Arnold Brons – member
Dr. Roland Schachler - member