New International Referee in JJAU

As part of the First Regional Championship in Asia a Referee course and examination under JJIF was held. More than 30 participants went for the exam. JJAU can welcome 5 new Ne-Waza Referees.

As the examination was executes with the highest claims on the quality of the international referees only 5 persons passed the exam to INTERNATIONAL NE-WAZA REFEREE.

JJAU congratulates

  • Wuttikrai Srisoprap / Thailand
  • Odsuren Bolderdene / Mongolia
  • Alexandre de Oliveira NASCIMENTO    / UAE  
  • Rosalind FERREIRA / UAE

for this great achivement. A significant number of participants was able to reach the level of JJIF "regional referee" and furthermore many recommendations for national referee are given to the participants.

The result shows that knowledge and experience is necessary to be able to give the best result for the competitors. So most graduate are on the mat for many years and even been involved in the education of referees.

JJAU adviser Rodrigo Valerio pointed out how important it is to practice and deal continuously with the sport, techniques and tactics.

Sports director Joachim Thumfart explained that JJAU designed the referee education as a process of the next years to improve the quality continuously. Every tournament and event will be accompanied by a seminar or course.

Dy. General Secretary Dr. Jaffer al Muthafer announced that JJAU has the objective to bring referees from at least 10 Asian countries until 2018 on the highest international level. So Ju-Jitsu can give the best results to the competitors in the Asian Games.

The examination was supervised by JJIF World Referee Dimitrios Georgantidis who had built the structures in Ju-Jitsu African Union during the last years. He was impressed by the motivation of the participants and good cooperation with UAEJJF representatives supporting the seminar.

Erstellt/GeƤndert:  04.03.2015