Ju-Jitsu develops strong in South East Asia

Meeting in Manila shows the way to a strong development.

The meeting to evaluate the possibility for hosting JJAU events in Manila had the result that we are not ready yet to run events there. Nonetheless the consultations showed that the region is on a good way to develop Ju-Jitsu in a good and strong way. For sure it will only take little time to fulfill the requirements.

A common meeting of JJAU representatives Dr. Jaffer al Muthafer and Joachim Thumfart with Ricardo R. Garcia, Chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission, stand for the rising importance of Ju-Jitsu in the sports world in Asia. The delegation was supported by Annie Ramirez, the Gold Medal Winner of Beach Games, and Samantha Cerebro, representing the Ju-Jitsu federation of Philippines.

Erstellt/Ge√§ndert:  05.02.2015