Ju-Jitsu on a good way to Asian Beach Games

many activities bring the members of Ju-Jitsu Asian Union on a good way to the 4th Asian Beach Games in Bangkok.

All over Asia the members of Ju-Jitsu Asian Union prepare for the upcoming Beach Games.

Central Event has been the JJAU Seminar for coaches and referees in Bangkok. Organized by the JJAU Headquarter with big engagement of Dr. Jaffer Al Muthafer, Tareq Al Bahri and Yousif AlBairaq we wellcomed participants from 24 countries.
5 days of lectures, trainings, referee course were performed by the two Ne-Waza experts Alex Paz and Rodrigo Valerio. Sports Director Joachim Thumfart took care about the instructions for the Duo-Show event and gave some ideas how to create a good performance.
Test fights and proper training for the referees and coaches assure that all participating federations can prepare their athletes in the best way.

Alex Paz and Joachim Thumfart performed another 4 days of training for the National team of Thailand. The Jujitsu Association of Thailand runs a 3 month program to train the athletes for the games.We can expect a strong performance from the 17 athletes participation in the OCA event.

Rodrigo Valerio and Joachim Thumfart participated in the Meeting of Technical Delegates in Phuket. The days in beginning of September were used to build up a better communication to the Local Organizing Committee and clarify open questions in various meetings. The hotels for Technical officials and Competitors were visited and we expect a well organized event in Thailand.

At the current state 129 competitors are registered to represent their countries. The selection of referee will guarantee a high quality of decisions and the cooperation with JJIF is great.



Erstellt/GeƤndert:  08.09.2014