NORTH INDIA Zonal Conference for Ju Jitsu at Delhi

15 Representatives from the following NINE North India States participated in the very successful Conference cum Lunch, hosted by Suresh Gopi at Dwarka , New Delhi.

1. Delhi State [ Sports Ju Jitsu Society ]
2. Jammu & Kashmir State  [ Ju Jitsu Association of Jammu & Kashmir ]
3. Haryana State [ Jujitsu Martial Art Association ]
4. Madhya Pradesh [ Ju Jitsu Association of  Madhya Pradesh ]
5. Uttarakhand State [ Candidate State Association]
6. Punjab [ Candidate State Association Rep ]
7. Chandigarh [ Candidate State Association Rep ]
8. Uttar Pradesh [ Candidate State Association Rep ]
9. Maharashtra State [ Candidate State Association Rep ]

All Members present affirmed their total support and allegiance to the JJAU and JJIF under Leadership of the recognized Indian Ju-Jitsu federation and based on unanimous consensus Mr Vishal Singh, President of Delhi Ju Jitsu, was appointed as Vice President for India in charge of North Zone .

With effect from 1st June 2014, AMENDED the name of  the BJJ MMA FEDERATION  and also amended its Constitution, so as  focus solely on Ju Jitsu  promotion and will henceforth function as the JU-JITSU ASSOCIATION OF INDIA [JAI] and the new website will  be

Erstellt/GeƤndert:  02.06.2014