The strong youth of Asia

UAE sent the best Asian team to the World Championship for Juniors and Aspirants in Athens/ Greece.

With a third place in the ranking of National Teams the UAE underlines their strong position of Ju-Jitsu, especially with the "next generation".

But the sucess counts even more as Russia on place 1 sent almost 100 athetes and Germany (Place2) was participation with 72 athletes.

UAE sent 15 athletes and 13 achieved a meda in the field of 715 athletes from 33 countries. 

Congratulations to all teams representing Ju-Jitsu Asia:

  • UAE (7 Gold; 4 Silver, 2 Bronze)
  • Kazakhstan (2 Gold; 3 Silver, 9 Bronze),
  • Turkmenistan (1 Gold; 1 Silver, 2 Bronze)
  • Vietnam (2 Bronze)
  • Thailand (1 Bronze)
Erstellt/GeƤndert:  23.03.2017