UAE Police and Security Experts to Participate in the JJIF World Championship for professional Security

A team of police and security experts will have the opportunity to showcase their physical fighting skills as they compete in the first JJIF World Championship for professional Security in February.

This was according to Joachim Thumfart, Sports Director of the Ju-Jitsu Asian Union (JJAU).

In a recent meeting by local officials of the UAEJJF in Abu Dhabi, it has been agreed that the UAE will send athletes that will come from the military to participate in the said competition to be held in Bulgaria.

It was also suggested during the meeting that Ju-Jitsu should be included in the CISM Military Games/ Military Olympics.

CISM or International Military Sports Council is one of the largest multidisciplinary organisations in the world that organises various sporting events for the armed forces.

Erstellt/GeƤndert:  02.02.2017